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  • AIReS
    2b2e6bc2-f0d8-4e5b-a8dc-bdd102769912 Industry Type:  Relocation Services
    Person to Contact:  Robert Capiola,  Account Manager
    Contact Email:  Rcapiol@aires.com

  • Altair Global
    Industry Type:  Relocation Services
    Person to Contact:  Chris Stahlmann, CRP,  VP, Client Services, Midwest Region
    Contact Email:  Chris.Stahlmann@altairglobal.com

  • American Electric Power
    Industry Type:  Utilities
    Person to Contact:  Karen Hill,  Relocation Coordinator
    Contact Email:  kmhill@aep.com

  • Andrews Moving & Storage
    d97d4f85-778b-4576-9671-86505849df53 Industry Type:  Moving
    Person to Contact:  Jeff Meagrow,  Business Development Manager
    Contact Email:  jmeagrow@andrewsmoving.com

  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Prof Realty
    Industry Type:  Real Estate
    Person to Contact:  Michelle Solly, CRP, GMS,  Relocation Director
    Contact Email:  msolly@bhhspro.com

  • Budd Van Lines
    Industry Type:  Moving
    Person to Contact:  Gary Grund,  Director of Business Development Midwest Region
    Contact Email:  ggrund@buddvanlines.com

  • Cam Taylor Co. Ltd., Realtors
    fe6c49e6-11f7-47e8-aeb9-1b4938ccd50b Industry Type:  Real Estate
    Person to Contact:  Amy Gray,  Global Relocation Director
    Contact Email:  amygray@camtaylor.com

  • Century 21 Excellence Realty
    72b1b08f-7687-4083-bb97-627080c10637 Industry Type:  Real Estate
    Person to Contact:  Michele M Minotti CRP,  Relocation Director
    Contact Email:  c21relo@gmail.com

  • Chase
    366fbbd4-0cf4-4dd7-89e1-1eea7af437ab Industry Type:  Mortgage
    Person to Contact:  Jennifer Haller,  Client Account Manager
    Contact Email:  jenny.haller@chase.com

  • Chase
    366fbbd4-0cf4-4dd7-89e1-1eea7af437ab Industry Type:  Mortgage
    Person to Contact:  Ralph Burkley,  Regional Sales Director
    Contact Email:  ralph.burkley@jpmorgan.com

  • Chase
    366fbbd4-0cf4-4dd7-89e1-1eea7af437ab Industry Type:  Mortgage
    Person to Contact:  Erica Burton,  Client Account Manager
    Contact Email:  Erica.l.burton@chase.com

  • Corporate Housing Systems
    3811c0ab-66be-4e98-b83f-67de156a300a Industry Type:  Lodging
    Person to Contact:  Mac Lawless,  President
    Contact Email:  mlawless@ch-systems.com

  • Cort
    0bc03f1a-1434-483e-ab34-36743b90f319 Industry Type:  Furniture
    Person to Contact:  Amanda McCullough,   Territory Sales Manager
    Contact Email:  Amanda.McCullough@cort.com

  • Cutler Real Estate
    06525576-27e3-4344-a549-191be238301a Industry Type:  Real Estate
    Person to Contact:  Terri Shoemaker,  Relocation Coordinator
    Contact Email:  tshoemaker@cutlerhomes.com

  • E.E. Ward Moving & Storage Co.
    1c552fe8-ac90-4e00-9c69-dc7f04b27120 Industry Type:  Moving and Storage
    Person to Contact:  Randy Weinstein,  Vice President
    Contact Email:  randy@eeward.com

  • Guardian Relocation
    bb6d6b23-dfa4-4d7c-b140-0b2667e3b62e Industry Type:  Relocation Services
    Person to Contact:  Tami Marlow, CRP ,  Sr. Vice President
    Contact Email:  tmarlow@guardianrelocation.com

  • HER Realtors
    06965531-d5dc-48e2-b9ff-6d63ea9a14f3 Industry Type:  Real Estate
    Person to Contact:  Jessica Rutan,  Relocation Coordinator
    Contact Email:  Jessica.Rutan@HERRealtors.com

  • HERLIHY Moving & Storage
    4e94c75e-6c93-43ea-8341-69e52ac923d5 Industry Type:  Moving
    Person to Contact:  James Herlihy,  Manager
    Contact Email:  james@herlihymoving.com

  • Nationwide Insurance
    Industry Type:  Insurance
    Person to Contact:  Brenda Paul,  Manager
    Contact Email:  paulb5@nationwide.com

  • Oakwood/ExecuStay
    91746c40-c730-43fb-80f9-ecef91df90b5 Industry Type:  Lodging
    Person to Contact:  Mitch Smith,  Managing Partner
    Contact Email:  mitchs@oakwoodheartland.com

  • PODS for Business
    27257e1c-caf9-451d-ba8a-50b3ceaaccf4 Industry Type:  Moving and Storage
    Person to Contact:  Jim Brooks,  National Account Executive
    Contact Email:  jbrooks@pods.com

  • Sanbar City Consultants
    db8209f9-dc85-4239-b94c-fb3a49e05c4a Industry Type:  City Tours
    Person to Contact:  Tima Sanyal,  President
    Contact Email:  tima@sanbarcity.com

  • The Appraisal Group Inc.
    Industry Type:  Appraisal
    Person to Contact:  Timothy J Brown CRP,  Appraiser
    Contact Email:  tim@theappraisalgroup.com

  • TIAA Bank
    07bf221d-a02b-41a2-b5b4-8f1c5fb6587b Industry Type:  Mortgage
    Person to Contact:  Sarah Ritter,  Director of National Accounts
    Contact Email:  Sarah.Ritter@tiaabank.com